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Natural, handmade products for your hair, body, and face

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  1. Pretty Pooch | Bar Soap for Dogs 4oz

    Pretty Pooch will provide your dog with a phenomenal new coat, a flea free wash, once washed your pet will be happy with the way they feel and smell. Specially formulated with three essential oils to create a soap and or shampoo if you wish for large and small breed dogs alike. You could wash your dog every day if you would like.
    Reward Points Earn 50 Points
  2. Complete Shaving Kit

    This shaving mug kit features a handmade pottery mug. You choose the brush style and shaving soap. Since these mugs are hand turned pottery there are always variations in color and style. Please be aware of this as no two mugs are ever the same. A truly unique one of a kind piece each time.
    Reward Points Earn 360 Points
  3. Pumpkin Crunch Lotion Pumpkin Crunch Lotion

    Pumpkin Crunch | Seasonal Lotion

    Pumpkin Crunch, our top-selling, seasonal, customer favorite is back for Fall! With it's warm and sweet notes of pumpkin and spice, this handmade ultra-moisturizing lotion smells just like autumn! Perfect for the entire Holiday Season. Our Pumpkin Crunch Lotion is all natural and contains no chemicals, preservatives, or fillers of any kind. Locally made in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. Great for face and body. Our 2oz lotion mini is great for travel and is an FDA approved airline travel size.Seasonal scents are limited and only available while supplies last!
    Reward Points Earn 40 Points
  4. Lavender | Shampoo Bar 4oz

    The Lavender organic shampoo bar will soothe the scalp and soften the hair, allowing for better volume.
    Reward Points Earn 90 Points
  5. Shea Butter | Travel Mini 2oz

    - Your Search for the highest quality Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter on the market is over. Never buy rancid Shea Butter again. -Soothing gentle moisturizer that won't leave you with a lingering odor.Wholesome unscented moisturizer with no added chemicals or fragrances - Great for prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy. Use on Cradle Cap and Diaper Rash For Baby - Can be used on scalp, hair, face & lips. Great for dry, cracked, sun or wind damaged skin, split ends & dandruff. Helps heal cuts & scars. - Imported From Africa and Hand Packaged in Ohio's Amish Country where quality comes first.. Rich in Vitamins A,D,E, AND F and naturally GLUTEN-FREE
    Reward Points Earn 70 Points
  6. Shea Butter 8oz

    Shea Butter For Skin, Hair And Health

    • Healing Qualities
    • Antioxidant Qualities
    • Anti-inflammatory Properties
    • Anti-Ageing Benefits
    • Baby Care
    •  Lip Care
    •  Restores Skin Elasticity
    • Soothes Dry and Irritated Scalp
    • Moisturizer
    • Hair Protection
    • Hair Softener
    Reward Points Earn 150 Points
  7. Gladiator Old | Fashioned Shave Soap

    The Gladiator bar is made with the Bay Laurel oil and has an entire Lime ground and added. The soap has a strong manly aroma that is popular with men and women. The Bay Rum smell was the most popular male scent prior to 1941.
    Reward Points Earn 70 Points
  8. Raw Steel | Intensive Balm, for Men 8oz

    Raw Steel intense mens balm.
    Reward Points Earn 220 Points
  9. Malibu Pucker | Lip Balm

    Our newest lip balm, Malibu Pucker is made with cononut extract and lemon oil. Enjoy the taste, enjoy the spf of 4.
    Reward Points Earn 30 Points
  10. Orange Cream | Lip Balm

    Orangecreme lip balm is smoothe and tasty with a great orange and vanilla flavor. Natural spf of 4.
    Reward Points Earn 30 Points
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Items 1 to 10 of 97 total

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